22 March 2008

Reading List #7

A recipe for success:

Mix thoroughly in a steampunk bowl with a biblical spoon until "His Dark Materials" forms.

After my previous foray into and completion of Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle trilogy, I was thrilled that this trilogy - a virtual trifecta of literary quality - found its way to me.


04 March 2008

Another Use for Second Life

Historical Maps in Second Life

This is great. I've previously posted about some unexpected consequences SL but I think this one - a San Francisco map collector who set-up his own SL island to display his collection - is a great use of SL that (to me at least) was completely unexpected. From the MIT Technology Review:

"A new installation inside Second Life is bringing alive one of the world's largest collections of antique maps. Called the David Rumsey Maps Island (registration required), the Second Life site is San Francisco map collector David Rumsey's latest high-technology plan to share his collection with as large an audience as possible."