14 August 2007

It's Wikilicious!

The hype du jour is that a clever analysis tool for wikipedia entries and interesting/entertaining sources that edit/massacre/delete entries that pertain to themselves now exists.

* (I don't recall where I read this first today but to keep things on the up-and-up it was either Slashdot or Wired through my feed reader).

It seems that one can data-mine *.wikipedia.org via online search or download of a snapshot image with all previous edits, a la a useful audit trail. OK, that doesn't seem too interesting. Until...one looks at the sources of the edits and the effects and affects of these edits.

This is a perfect example, without drawing attention to myself, of the difference between data and information and the relation between the two. Data is available...it's up to individuals or processes to transform, and hopefully protect, it into information.

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