01 August 2008

Interesting Electrical Synchronicities Today

In the spirit of my reading lists with three suggestions, today was odd in that I have three completely unrelated events today but are tied to electricity as a common theme. Perhaps that means they're not really unrelated. Whatever the case, here was my electrical day:

  1. Our well pump died during the night. I started the dishwasher last night and my darling spouse told me this morning that we had no water. Cliff Cummings Water Service (major plug for him...he's been great to us since we bought this house) in Rutland, MA rescheduled his day and provided water from deep in the ground today. A bunch of money and replacing a pump 300 or so feet down in the ground and we have running, rusty, dirty water again.
  2. I watched "Car of the Future" on NOVA tonight. Love those Car Talk guys and the show was actually pretty good, given what I expected for Detroit fluff. The Tesla Roadster was very nice indeed.
  3. Midday, iPod on shuffle, Schoolhouse Rocks! Rocks!"Electricity, Electricity" by Goodness come up. No connection until now. Fun tune and a great re-recording of the great Schoolhouse Rocks! series on PBS.

    Original Schoolhouse Rocks! version:

    Goodness version:

There it is...another day in the life.

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