15 June 2008

It May Be Cliché, But This Post Is About Prof. Randy Pausch

Most of the Internet-speaking world, as well as some of the primarily television-speaking world (thanks to Oprah) are now familiar with Prof. Randy Pausch and his struggle with pancreatic cancer. If for some reason you are not familiar with his story, set aside 90 minutes to view his "Last Lecture" on YouTube (includes personal crying time but allow for more if detailed, introspective analysis and personal priority realignment are things you tend toward):

The Last Lecture Compendium print edition:

and finally his commencement address at CMU last month:

I've never attended CMU, met Pausch or personally dealt with any life-altering situation such as terminal pancreatic cancer. I'm very fortunate, with regard to the last item. I am, however, completely in awe of the way in which he has continued living his life and remaining fully engaged with his family; I can only hope that I would be strong enough to do the same. I feel his love for his three young children everyday with my own kids of similar ages. I hope he is stronger than myself and does not become overcome with grief when imagining life without them - life for the children without a father who so clearly loves them and his spouse.

Randy Pausch may have achieved his childhood dreams but there are so many of us out here who have not done so. Most of us still have the time to do so. Do you remember your dreams? Do they still matter to you? Will you help your children achieve their dreams, knowing that every moment could potentially be your last?

I will.

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