01 June 2008

Delhi (Day 0)

We flew from Newark, NJ to the Indian capital of Delhi. With delays the flight was approximately 16 hours. While the flight was long, the Business/First class seating on Continental Airlines certainly made it bearable.

The New Delhi airport was...interesting. Local temperature was fair at 27° C. Clearing customs was efficient and easy. We were meeting a driver who was to bring us to our hotel in Noida and this is where things got interesting. We found the driver easily enough but then an ever-growing entourage (not the Jeremy Pivin type of Entourage) began "escorting" us and "helping" with out luggage. As the trek to the car attracts more and more helpers and we finally get to the car, everyone suddenly wants to be paid $20 US for their "assistance." This caught us off-guard a bit but we managed to hang onto most of our money (I only had $6 US with me!) and an hour or so later were at our hotel in Noida enjoying a few Kingfisher lagers and unwinding.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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